We make VR easier.

At ensoVerse we streamline the process for creating and sharing your vision in VR. Ryan Moore, ensoVerse CEO

Spruce VR

SPRUCE is one less step.

Our flagship product Spruce helps people find the perfect home. Our research reveals that home buyers have enough to do and sitting in traffic just gets in the way of finding the perfect home. We eliminate this pain point by showing homes in VR. For brokers, we offer competitive pricing to help you connect with home buyers. Spruce is one less step to finding the perfect home.


User Centric

When building apps we think of the user, their pain points and their goals.

Quality Design

Human centered research is the core of our design process.

Creative Experiences

We push the boundaries of what VR can do.

Solution Based applications

We build tech with a purpose.

Who We Are

Virtual Reality is our passion.

Before ensoVerse, there was just a group of 4 guys at a Seattle hackathon, sharing their passion for VR. Now we create virtual reality for the masses in the form of user centric applications and creative experiences.


CEO, UX Designer

Eugene Capon

VR Evangelist, Designer

Ryan Amundson

Software Engineer

Andrew Mestas

Software Engineer

Everybody is talking about virtual reality and some people are taking it very far. I think for this application, this simple solution is all we need.
- Shawn, Spruce User

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